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Entrepreneurs @re bOrn, rAised and nUrtured.

Lot of debates have sparked that whether entrepreneurs are born or they are raised. I guess its a lot of things and is never as simple. A famous quote goes "The harder I work the luckier I get". This sums up all the the debate conclusions and the best of advices.

Research has shown that very young children show entrepreneurial traits; often by the time they hit grade school. "Marilyn Kourilsky, former Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, has found that as many as one in four kindergarteners demonstrate entrepreneurial qualities such as a taste for risk-taking, creative problem-solving abilities, and high internal motivation to succeed (as cited in Gutner, 1994)."

Once the traits are spotted so young parents should encourage the spirit in the kids. These abilities cultivated lead to confident personalities, who dont fear risk. In the article linked above the section I found most interesting was about 'Stumbling Blocks to Success', which points out that all successful entrepreneurs undergo failures until they reach success. As they say "When you lose don't lose the lesson."

Another of my regional observation is the missing link between kid entrepreneurs and avenues for them to exercise their skills. Ever heard of kids distributing newspapers in Dubai, Kuwait etc, or any kind of garage industry. Nahh!!! don't think so, first go find a sponsor, rent a office space and then to Department of Economic Development get a liscence. Once you are set the Muncipality will be at your front door and Electricity and Water Dep. at your back. If I am missing something here then do enlighten me and our readers.


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