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Ethic City tower at 1,852 metres will be the tallest in Gulf

Bahrain will house the eighth wonder of the modern world if the dream project, ‘Ethic City’ takes shape. It will be 1,852 metres high, more than twice the ambitious Dubai Tower which is 800 metres.Designed after a desert rose by Italian architect Amero Marchetti, the tower would be the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The project is awaiting sponsors, investors and government approval.Abdul Aziz Al Buainain, an investor, told the Tribune yesterday that the first approval has to come from the Prime Minister’s Office, after which a site would be selected for an international monument of this stature.
My Ethics are in slow motion over the news. Does anyone have any idea about the authenticity of this news. DO enlighten us!!!
A point to ponder on is that is it more essential to build taller buildings or to build economies with sustainable growth. HOw many young entrepreneurs or startup businesses would be able to afford the Tallest building anyway.


Blogger edult said...

For the time being it should suffice that "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away"!

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