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tO Obese or not to be oBese.... ?!?!

John Chilton in his post about Eamarati Waistlines, showed a parallel trend between the children of the desert and Americans. The Americans' been growing for the last 150 years not only due to increased incomes but also because of falling food prices. This fall was noted as being more than or considerably relative to other goods, especially processed foods, he concluded that "No doubt the same factors have been at work on Emirati waistlines since the 1970s."

But being in Dubai I would differ a bit to the observation. The growing Emarati waistline has largely been due to the increased income of this cherished creed and not the fall in prices. The Nationals only make up a small percentage of the popullation and are provided many subsidized benefits from the Government. A look at the article from Khaleej Times points this fact out, specially the last few sections.

This also brings me to another important point which hit me hard in business specially in the area of rent. The jumps witnessed in rents were multiples of four, and sometimes five, defying any set records of predictable inflation rates. Inflation in any part of the world can be a problem to tackle, but in Dubai it hit small, medium and startup businesses harder. Its trends were not set and it dawned as a new teethaing pain whcih the masses had to and are breaing. So watch out mates and do educate yourselves on inflation, its impact and predictiable effects in middle east.


Blogger pRoUd said...

Isn't very presumptious for you to boldly throw in a statment like this"
The growing Emarati waistline has largely been due to the increased income of this cherished creed and not the fall in prices
I think, you are largely wrong.
The increase in Emirati waistline is perhaps indireclty related to the increase in income. The latter brought home better opportunties, less desire to work, no substantial daily minimim exercise, yes that I would agree and back you up. But food? Lets put this way: an increased income made it possible to transport all the junk food that the America makes, and hence an increase in waistline. So blame the junk, processed food that is being transported here.

12:50 PM  
Blogger bizzwhizz said...

Nicely put I would say and the post had no intention of blaming anyone but pointing out to some causes and effects in the society. Futher junk food is surly an evil and dependence on this junk food a bigger one. We, all the resident of this region have rich cultures, rich heritages and rich healthy foods. A feeling of ownership needs to be established so we promote and support our own identities and take over external influences.

8:35 PM  
Blogger edult said...

Busy-ness is largely solicited for healthy minds and for healthy physical status of healthy strata of every society. All Business or professional Whizzards are achievers because they kept themselves busy in healthy and intelligent activity.

7:30 PM  

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