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Setting UP iN Dubai (1)

A growing city with its many hustle and bustle still offers a fertile playing ground to all in the business world. It offers opprounities to the business gurus who want to expand, to the movers and shakers who either want to consolidate the region operations or expand across it. But sure is becoming a little tough for the young guns who want to start up. As the blog focuses on the younger entrepreneurs so with this series I will try to layout the facts and figures and walk through different steps and process. A very good starting point as always is to get acquainted with the terrain. An official source would the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

A lof of other sources can be found easily through google. Usually the processes in the government departments are very smooth as long as you got the cash. Liscence processing is very fast. More time though, is spent on the ground work as deciding the structure of the company, identifying the local sponsor, renting office etc.


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