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Setting up in Qatar (1)

It can be seen that Middle East as a region is booming with opportunities. Qatar these days is making a lot of news, undergoing agressive expansion and thus truning into a ground where opportunities would sprout. Must be good for a lot of stratup businesses. I tumbled onto the website of the Qatar Investment Promotion Department which seemed very well laid out.

A point I found very interesting was about 100% foreign ownership in many areas of economy:
"Generally, a non-Qatari national, whether natural or juristic, may engage in commercial activities provided the foreign participation in the entity does not exceed 49%. In October 2000, the Government enacted a new Foreign Investment Law aimed at promoting foreign investment in specific business sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, health, education, tourism power and projects which develop and utilize the State's natural resources. The new law permits up to 100% foreign ownership in these business sectors. The law does not allow a non-Qatari to participate in banking, insurance, commercial agency or real estate trading activities."

In future discussions lets fish out for upcoming business opportunites in Qatar. Sometimes things we take for granted in on country can be non existent in another and might work out as entrepreneural sucess. Dubai although the trend setter is being cloesly followed by its neighbours.


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