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GCC - China Free Trade: NOT so FREE

A news which can be good but I think is more to the disadvantage of cottage industry, small businesses and start ups. China is an unstopable machine backed with immense energy, strict discipline and a vast pool of able manpower.

An economy like USA went down with the influx of chinese products, which is evident from the US Trade Deficit in the US-China Trade. In 2004 US Trade Deficit was $161 Billion which jumped to $201 Billion in 2005. PBS has a video with the title "Is WalMart good for America", in which it has pointed out to the slow poisoning the WalMart-China duo is causing to the economy.

SO lets see we are just about trying to get out from the grip of western and Japenese products and are going down in the well of Chinese ones. When will the leaders realize we need a sustainable economy of our own. We do not need shopping centers but manufacturing plants. We have to let our own industries prospoer so that they can not only provide for countries in Middle East but also compete with the rest of the world. Being an international hub which Dubai is facilitation should be focused towards technology transfer and economical growth of our own industry.


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