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Young Entrepreneurs in MENA reGion Facing the sTartup Challenge

The Arab Business Angels Network (ABAN) conceived by the Young Arab Leaders and Dubai Holding is going head on with its first initiative The Arab Business Challenge. Its not so much 'Arab' in case all the expat entrepreneurial young guns are reading. The team should atleast be of two people and atleast half of the team has to be Arab citizens of countries within the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

I think its a very good iniative inline with the MENA region and specially with Dubai's entrepreneurial zeal. The region is no doubt booming with opportunities and the big wigs need to ease access to money for younger minds. Often the young have innovative ideas, mostly non conventional and if given a chance can prove the metal in these ideas using conventional financial tools and lingo. Dubai as a melting pot it is does also provides customers for non conventional ideas. We see such business challenges and competitions as a common feature in developed countries, and Dubai is catching up fast.


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"angels", from any region, find smoother ways to overcome all challenges .

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