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Qatar Science and Tech Park

A not so new news again but I would try to discuss some media views on it and its pros for young entrepreneurs with bright and innovative ideas. After all bright new ideas and innovative instincts are the strong tool we young entrepreneurs have.

The businessinovationinsider.com featured an article on the QSTP and had quiet a tone with this line, "Anyway, it's exciting to see the Arab world would embrace innovation." This is another discussion to which I would love to come back someday. But none other than ourselves is to blame. One time the residents of these parts the world layed foundations of all modern sciences and sew the seeds of innovation and research.

I have contacted QSTP for a statement but from initial research it looks just like any other freezone. Providing an operational hub to MNCs like GE, Microsoft etc. The official claims are however very incouraging "QSTP is a home for technology-based companies from around the world, and an incubator of start-up enterprises". If this is realised and finally we have a local incubator than bravo. But dont local incubators need more than a plot of land and picaso design buildings. QSTP has to compliment its services with research labs, venture capitalists, investment funds and a strong industry academia connection.

Lets see what they have to say about it. I'll update this discussion as soon as the innovation visionaries get back.


Blogger bizzwhizz said...

A piece from Dr. Roberts CEO QSTP's press release.
"A small and rich Gulf state, Qatar has attracted top-ranked universities such as Carnegie Mellon,
Weill Cornell, Georgetown and Texas A&M to its shores under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation.
Those universities are finding that their US faculty are happy to come over and teach, but only if
they can also do cutting-edge research.
To create such opportunities Qatar’s government, industry and universities have collaborated to
generate research projects that have an immediate benefit to its economy or society. One such
T +974 492 7093 F +974 481 2307 www.qstp.org.qa Education City PO Box 5825 Doha Qatar
project addresses diabetes, which is disproportionately prevalent (and increasing) in Arab
countries. In 2003 four of the five countries that had the highest prevalence of adult diabetes in
the world were Gulf countries: the United Arab Emirates (20.1%), Qatar (16%), Bahrain (14.9%),
and Kuwait (12.8%). Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is working with the national hospital
operator Hamad Medical Corporation, and the IT agency the Supreme Council for Information &
Communication Technology, to initiate a novel project that aims to monitor diabetics using
advanced sensors as they go about their life.
So important is this collaborative strategy that Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-
Missned, wife of Qatar’s Emir and chair of Qatar Foundation, has in principle secured the
revenue from one of the country’s oil wells to fund such research – appropriately called the “Well
of Knowledge”."
So they are working towards providing a entrepreneurship conducive environment.

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