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INTILAAQAH - Shell's Oman Iniative for Startup Business

Intilaaqah is a non-profit organisation that has been modelled on a shell-funded initiative called "LiveWIRE". The purpose of Intilaaqah is to stimulate and encourage unemployed young Omanis to consider the option of starting their own businesses, and to provide assistance to those who wish to take-up that option. It was started in 1995.

Again a nice step which was taken years ago and I am sure would have permiated through the students and youngsters of Oman. Oman is a more diverse country than UAE and has a pool of Omani Nationals that belong to all the different levels of society. Thus a very useful tool for those who have talent and want to start on their own. A look at the real case studies link shows entrepreneurs in businesses like coffe shops, franchises, nail treatment shops and so on. Humble but commendable start ups. Everything doesnt have to the be the BIGGEST or the MOST HIGHLY FUNDED and the TALLEST, those who rise up have to start at the bottom to work upwards.


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