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StanChart Launches Guide

Standard Chartered bank has launched the region's first working capital guide for business leaders. Introduced at the 5th Annual Eurofinance Conference, the guide provides expert commentary, insight and analysis and sets the standard for information available to the banking community, specifically Corporate Treasurers, CFOs, Finance Directors and CEOs who have current and future business interests in the Middle East and Africa regions.

As one of the main sponsors of the Eurofinance "Trade, Treasury, and Cash Management in the Middle East" conference, Standard Chartered further accentuated its position as the market leader in working capital services and corporate treasury for the Middle East North Africa region through the launch of this guide.

"Standard Chartered has a long history and commitment to developing strong franchises in the Middle East and Africa," said Karen Fawcett, group head of transaction banking.

"Standard Chartered's Middle East and Africa Guide to Working Capital Management is written by experts to provide an essential reference tool for businesses interested in expanding their capabilities and interests in these regions."

"Standard Chartered's Middle East and Africa Guide to Working Capital Management" provides a comprehensive overview of corporate treasury, cash management, and payments in the Middle East and Africa regions.

"As the Gulf States continue their rapid economic expansion and African countries increase their trading partnerships with both the East and West, the need for definitive information has never been stronger," continues Fawcett, "The ultimate purpose of this Guide is to share and promote best industry practice. For all companies investing and working within these geographies, we envisage that it will be an essential tool for their working capital and treasury areas."

The Guide contains a vast amount of previously unpublished case studies, including details on how a growing number of global companies are establishing regional centres in Dubai. With its tax-free status, liberal trade policies, modern infrastructure, central location, excellent regulatory system and significant liquidity, Dubai offers international investors access to the region's growing wealth. It is also a prominent centre for Shariah-compliant (Islamic law) products, with more than 20 per cent share of the $20 billion of Islamic bonds listed globally.

"Standard Chartered continues to reinforce our commitment to the region, and this unique Guide aims to further support local businesses in their growth and expansion plans," said Azeem-ur-Rahim, Regional Head of Transaction Banking, Middle East & Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank.

"Standard Chartered aims to be the Bank of Choice for corporates and institutions for and in Asia, Africa and the Middle East at all times. With Transaction Banking currently contributing a significant proportion of our wholesale banking revenue, we've recognised a real need for our customers to have access to corporate treasury guidance in an easily digestible format."

As part of the Bank's global transaction banking solutions to corporates and institutions, Transaction Banking provides Cash Management, Securities Services and Trade Services through the Bank's network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The business provides a full suite of transaction banking products and serves as a bridge to these markets for clients from the US, Latin America and Europe.

Part of a series which includes 'Standard Chartered's China Guide to Supply Chain Management and Logistics 2006/07", "Standard Chartered's Middle East and Africa Guide to Working Capital Management 2007" is published in English, with copies being made available to interested clients of Standard Chartered Bank across the region.-(TradeArabia News Service)


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