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Roger Harrop on Middle East Business

Business guru Roger Harrop has outlined plans to spread his business development mantras of ‘keep it simple’ and ‘focus on the bigger picture’ to CEOs across the Middle East.

The UK-based international speaker was in Dubai this week to introduce members of the British Business Group (BBG) to the main messages of his acclaimed ‘Staying in the Helicopter’ series of books, talks and workshops.

Harrop has worked extensively with company owners and senior managers in Europe, the US and Far East and now plans to build his business in the Middle East. He will concentrate first on tapping into the market for business development and training in the UAE before extending his attention to Bahrain and Qatar.

“The Emirates excite me at the moment because of the attitude shown by its business community,” said Harrop. “They really want to make the country successful and are keen to grow and develop their markets. I feel there are things I can do to help this process through my extensive experience across a broad spectrum of businesses.”

Harrop is a former group chief executive of a successful multi-national high-tech company and has run companies in four continents. He has spent the last five years as an international speaker, consultant, author and leadership tutor. More than 2,000 business leaders worldwide have seen dramatic growth in profits and sales as a result of the tools shared in his ‘Staying in the Helicopter’ talks and workshops.

At yesterday’s event in the Crowne Plaza hotel Harrop explained to BBG members how important it is for CEOs and managers to get a wider perspective on their business by rising above the day-to-day details and focusing on the big issues. He also said that it was vital to keep things simple and avoid the temptation to over-complicate a business.

“Business leaders tend to get sucked into the details when instead they should get up in the helicopter and see the big picture,” he said. “It’s amazing what insights you get from up there on how the business can be improved. People also don’t realise how simple a business is and spend their time making it complicated, which can damage its potential for growth.”

Harrop explored ways of growing a business by closely defining its purpose, getting more from existing customers, using advertising and promotion effectively and making improvements by continually challenging the accepted way that things are done. He used real-life stories, anecdotes, humour and simple analogies to get his messages across.

The event was one of a regular programme of seminars, workshops and presentations featuring inspirational business thinkers from around globe organised by the BBG for the benefit of its members. The BBG, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has more than 850 members and is widely recognised as one of the largest and most active business groups in the Gulf.-(TradeArabia News Service)


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