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Webwasher 6.5 - Online Security for ME

Secure Computing Corporation, the leader in enterprise gateway security, has launched Webwasher 6.5, the industry's first and only reputation-based Web gateway security solution, in the Middle East.

Webwasher 6.5 delivers reputation-based URL filtering for corporate users surfing the Web, and provides bi-directional protection for enterprise networks to stop inbound threats such as spyware, phishing or other malware, and prevent outbound threats related to sensitive data leaks.

As part of Secure Computing's vision to provide comprehensive enterprise gateway security, Webwasher 6.5 incorporates global intelligence from the company's industry-leading reputation system, TrustedSource, said an official spokesman.

Like a credit agency provides credit scores to enable reliable commerce, TrustedSource provides source-based reputation scores for URLs, domains and IPs as content-based reputation scores for web page content, messages, attachments and images.

Using this real-time scoring, Webwasher 6.5 allows organisations to detect and prevent security threats such as spyware, phishing or other malware.

'Today's Web gateway includes many point products that offer little security and significant administration and management burden,' said regional sales director, Secure Computing, Middle East and Africa, Ray Kafity.

'Webwasher 6.5 integrates the key technologies required to provide full bi-directional protection against emerging threats such as malware, spyware or other Web-based attacks, as well as to protect organizations from sensitive data leaks. Webwasher 6.5 takes Web gateway security to the next level with its reputation-based concept, allows organizations to have fully integrated and best-of-breed functionality all in a single, affordable and effective solution,' he added.

Webwasher Version 6.5 includes Reputation-based URL security, Real-time anti-malware protection, multiple support options for various proxy deployment scenarios, new methods for stopping data leaks and Ease of management and administration.(Trade Arabia News Service)


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