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Bizz Talk - Facilities Management in the Gulf to be US$ 892 billion

An emerging market always give birth to new industries. Such a phenomenon has been witnessed in the gulf. The present real estate boom already has created and boomed industries like construction, real estate brokerage, finance and ofcourse facility management.

Facility Management is no doubt the horse to bet on. We all can see how fast infrastructure, buildings, hotel resorts and such are being constructed. Although the supply of houses and offices is being outstripped by demand but soon it will catch up and the growth would reach its equilibrium. But Facility Management which is already growing steady would become a more sustainable industry. "The figures released by Middle East Strategy Advisors (MESA) show that the FM market in the UAE alone is potentially worth US$ 704 billion, with the markets in Saudi Arabia and Qatar worth US$ 96 billion and US$ 92 billion respectively." A feature on Facility Management by AMEinfo gives a more detailed picture. Ofcourse the major share of real estate growth is Dubais'.

So the young entrepreneurs who are interested in the real estate market or are connected with it should start looking into FM as a prospective future business option. Gulf cuntries targetting to become tourists atrraction won't keep witnessing the real estate turnover with influx of buyers and sellers. They would no doubt always have the demand for time share facilities, managed apartments, hotel apartments, service offices and such. So buckle up and explore the growing industry of Facility Management. The local FM industry can be looked into by following the FM Expo. Ofcourse in FM Dubai is no doubt the best place to start from. Although we have a lot of international companies present but early starters can always make their mark strong until the market matures.


Anonymous Afiq.. said...

Well..so here there is a new field which we were unaware of...there are very few people who have thought of going into this field. So all you people who are yet to decide on a career, take an action fast because within a few years this market will also get saturated with excess people...

11:11 AM  

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