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Bizz Talk - Upcoming Opportunities with ME Airports

Well not only is the real estate booming but so is tourism and ofcourse the related infrastructure to support the growth. Gulf News reported that according to a recent report the spending on Middle East's booming airports will top $32 billion over the next few years.
I think it is an indicator that entrepreneurs can build sound businesses as long as they can focus. An industry which will span over a few years and will consume $32 billion is a no doubt fair game. Ofcourse local companies feel that such huge developments always go for the best in the world, but I feel otherwise. I think in order to stand out companies will have to focus. Not only do clients pay price for the best in the world but they also do for specialists.

The major airport expansions in the region are:
  • Dubai World Central International Airport
    The airport will have an annual cargo capacity of 12 million tons, more than three times that of Memphis, today's largest cargo hub, and a passenger capacity of more than 120 million - almost 50% more than Atlanta, currently the world's busiest passenger airport.
  • Doha International Airport
    The Doha International in getting a Multi Billion dollar expansion. Business Opportuities can be explored by anyone interested.
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
    Abu Dhabi last year announced a Dh21 Billion expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport.


Anonymous Afiq said...

Look at those figures...i mean what is the government trying to do.......seems like that there are unlimited oppurtunities for aviation professionals within a span of 5-10 years...it is becoming increasing difficult to understand the UAE market with the amount of money that is being invested over here....I feel lucky to be over here and see all these developments myself.

10:51 PM  

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