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Event Clutter

Is it me or there is a growing clutter of events in Dubai and, now after Abu Dhabi joined the race, in the whole of UAE. Just a look at the exclusive events targetted towards leaders and entrepreneurs I came across these five:

  • International Entrepreneurship Forum & Exhibition
    DUBAI TO HOST WORLD'S BIGGEST GATHERING OF ENTREPRENEURS AND BUSINESS LEADERS. (which had claims to become an annual event but I think never did.)
  • Abu Dhabi World Leadership Summit
  • Leaders in Dubai
    Business Forum
  • Entrepreneurship 2010
    Creating a Dynamic, Vibrant and Competitive Economy
  • Emirates Millionaire Show

So what exactly happened at Abu Dhabi Leadership Summit that was so different from Leaders in Dubai except probably the speakers got a good payday due to parallel bidding. I wonder even if participants from countries other than UAE get value for money in such events. Although no doubt it is a good business model, infrastructure is already at place, as long as the speakers price is paid they'll be more then happy to lecture. And then charge corporate clients a hell lot of money to attend.


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