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AIESEC - Globally and Locally

AIESEC is a non profit student run organization established in 1948. It has offices in over 90 countries with the membership counter hitting 18000. It is running with its motto ‘The international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential’.

AIESEC creates a difference through four different opportunities/activities:
1.) Working Abroad- The organization helps students get exchange internships in different parts of the world. It is able to create 3500 exchanges each year in different field.

2.) Leadership Experience: - With over 700 offices worldwide, it gives students a chance to demonstrate their leadership abilities. Nearly 5000 leadership positions are held by students all over the world. Students gain the experience that it takes to be a leader of an organization.

3.) Conferences: - AIESEC organizes 350 conferences each year. Conference is a great way to train and develop AIESEC members. It also provides an opportunity to utilize leadership skills, learn new things and to widen their network.

4.) Learning Networks: - AIESEC members stay connected virtually and by personal meetings which enable them to develop their knowledge about topics like HIV/AIDS, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

AIESEC is much more than the points mentioned over here. It is the student voice; it gives students the power and confidence to achieve something big in life apart from the usual college activities.

The best part about AIESEC is that it has programs specifically designed for each country. Like for example in UAE it has special program for UAE Nationals called The Qiyada program. For more information on the program and how the overall AIESEC experience works, visit the website. Based in Dubai Knowledge Village AIESEC UAE is set to align its visions and activities with the cities growing hunger for success.
by Afiq our AUS correspondent


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There is an error in the link, there should be a period instead of a comma.

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