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Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training

CERT (Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training) is the commercial arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates and is in the business of developing and providing education, training and applied technology for public and private sector clients.

Some of its laurals include, being estimated as thelargest private education provider in the Middle East and is developing education and knowledge projects throughout the MENA region, having signed the largest Telematics deal in history, with IBM, to develop Telematics technology in the United Arab Emirates and posessing the CERT Blue Gene supercomputer which offers 5.7 teraflop calculating speed to corporate clients for use in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and genetics research as well as oil and gas simulation.

Not a business incubator or an entrepreneurial kindergarton but is not doubt one of the places where the future of nations get built. After being in a US alma mater I realised that R&D is the corner stone on which societies and economies are built. CERT will not only bridge the gap between industry and academia but also allow young blue chip entrepreneurs, access to a hi-tech park where they can build what they dream.


Anonymous Afiq said...

Talking about Research and Development (R & D), an awareness amongst youngsters should be created towards this area. After all economy cannot just be built with new business ventures or business planning. R & D also needs some serious attention. It had been the work of professors at universities but youngsters find it hard to understand their research. So i guess fellow young researchers it is time to step ahead and explore this new field with many oppurtunities.

11:06 PM  

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