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Bahrian Business Incubator Centre

Bahrain Business Incubator Center's (BBIC) establishment is a continuation of the Kingdoms policy to improve efficiency and foster the growth of small and medium enterprises through its team of experts and its affiliation with national & international entities. Targetting the success of the program by ensuring the firms leave the program financially viable and freestanding.
This will strengthen existing economy and built a more sustainable one with the SMEs and local talent as its strong pillars. The ultimate purpose of establishing the Business Incubator Centre is the economic development of the country and the creation of jobs by:
  1. Creating new businesses.
  2. Improving the efficiency of SMEs
  3. Improving the performance of SMEs
  4. Promoting the development of closer links between larger manufacturing firms and samll enterprises.
  5. Supporting Innovation.
  6. Encouraging entreprenurship.
  7. Helping new businesses grow faster, thus creating more jobs.

I have not been able to find from the website if the elegibility criteria has a nationality clause. But from the looks it comes across as a business centre providing services at subsadized rates. BBIC's website does not talk about extending fundings to new ideas or having any tieups with venture capital firms.

More information can be obtained by contacting them directly on :

Bahrain Business Incubator Centre
+ Tel: 358888, Fax: 466646
+P.O.Box.50450. Kingdom of Bahrain

If more information is obtained by the bizzwhizzdubai's team it will be posted asap.


Anonymous Amir said...

Looks more like a virtual office or service office setup, would love to knwo if they actually believe in ideas or just select teams that can pay the bills.

1:35 PM  

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