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UAE Facing Unemployment

A problem which had been boiling up over the years now has become a sizable issue. To quote the authors words "widely perceived conflict of interest between the handful of Emirati business families who have made fortunes in the private sector in the past few decades and the majority, who have watched the UAE's explosive growth from the sidelines", which targetted the bulls eyes. (FT.com)

Thus although still booming with jobs for expats the UAE faces unemployement amongst the nationals. Although the government is trying to eradctae the problem but its soltuion has to come from within the people and not the authorities. The recent decree requiring a company of more than 100 employees to have a complete Emarati HR department wont solve much problems. Another similar one asking companies to have emaratis in secreterial posts is not quiet the solution. i am sure the young generation is not expected to grow up dreamig they would land a personal secretary job at XYZ L.L.C.

The emarati youth is full of talent, intellect and energy. They need to wake up to the fact that its open competition and then simply just compete. I have come across many whom I witnessed to be great professionals, putting in a lot of hard work. Avenues like Arab Angles Network, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Young Entrepreneur Iniative, Zayed University E-biz challenge, Intilaq and many more such are open to the local youth. If they rise up to the challenge then they sure can be leaders who dont need government decrees to make poeple realise that they are professional enough.


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