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Investing in The Pakistan Capital Market

Yes friends Investing, Pakistan and Capital Markets have all come up as synonyms. Yesterday I witnessed a series of presentation at the Road Show on Investments in Pakistani Capital Market held at the Burj Al Arab. The show was hosted by Central Depository Company (CDC) and sponsored by AKD Investment Management, Atlas Asset Management and Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Markets Ltd.

The speakers unanimously focused on highlighting the tremendous growth Pakistan's economy has shown specially over the last 4-5 years. Fredric Sicre from Abraaj Capital made a mention to Newsweek's article, which tagged pakistan as a surprising success story, "Last year the country's GDP growth rate hit 8.4 percent, the world's second highest behind China, following two years of solid 6 percent growth. This year the economy is predicted to expand by nearly 7 percent", and said that it is not a sudden success but an economy that has been gaining momentum over the years.

All presentation were very interesting and information and more on these can be found through their respective websites. I got a chance to talk to Mr. Muhammad Sajid of JS private equity. He very well agreed that Pakistan is an economy that needs to be tapped by young entrepreneurs and new ideas. He said "Parents mostly hold conservative approach and seldom back their children with risks and startups in comparison to jobs in MNCs." It was pretty impressive to see that economic muscle brokers realise the importance of young entrepreneurs venturing into Pakistan and surly they will pave the way for such a rally to start.

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