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4 Gulf states to spend $150bn on Infrastructure

The UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, are expected to spend about $150 billion on infrastructure over the next three years, according to Merrill Lynch.

Merrill Lynch said in its In its recent Global Research Highlights that infrastructure spending in emerging markets could exceed $1 trillion in the next three years.

The key drivers of infrastructure are underinvestment in infrastructure projects in the past and the pressing need to improve quality; the need to ease bottlenecks that could retard or reverse the substantial progress towards lowering inflation that the emerging markets have made in recent years, sharp increases in the population of urban centres through the developing world, and improved sources of funding related substantial improvement in budget balances, current account surpluses, oil revenues, economic growth and foreign exchange reserves, it said.

China is forecast to become the biggest spender, making up just over a third of the total, followed by Russia, the Gulf states and India. (trade arabia)

A lot of opportunities still to come in construction and related industries.


Blogger bizzwhizz said...

well great opportunity is on the horizon for civil companies but I wonder how easy would it be to establish and penetrate into the market

10:35 PM  
Anonymous BusinessT said...

as it is an opportunity for new businesses so is it for the existing ones and would make the stronger more strong driving the industry towards monopolization.

10:38 PM  

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