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ADSM - Lahore Stock Exchange Collaborate

The Abu Dhabi Securities Market and the Lahore Stock Exchange have signed an agreement which will pave the way for Lahore listed companies to dual list on the ADSM. This agreement follows one signed by the ADSM and the Central Depository Company of Pakistan earlier this year. The ADSM currently has more than 2,226 Pakistani investors registered, with investments worth $12.3m.

A very commendable step that will not only lead to adding sustainability to economy and ensuring strong business growth. This pattern would soon be seen replicating to other stock exchanges in the region with lucrative cross listing offers to companies.


Anonymous BusinessT said...

a very good step I wonder if this is being done anywhere else in the world also. It will encourage companies to reap benefits of stock exchange listings without having to spend a lot on intial setup costs

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yess I agree with u BusinessT, and if this is a completly new model than knowing how it works would be interesting

11:32 AM  
Blogger Afiq Hassan said...

The collaboration seems to be a very good step...but there seems to be a doubt...why did ADSM choose to collaborate with Lahore Stock Exchange and not Karachi Stock Exchange..as karachi is the business hub of Pakistan....just wondering the benefit that ADSM could have with this partnership...
Any views??

6:11 PM  

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