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Saudi Arabia steps up heat against tobacco frims

It is of no surprise that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spends a large amount of it's budget on tobacco products. In fact, to be precise; they spend over $1.3 billion US Dollars of their expenditure on such a line of health hazards.

But it seems that now that it now wants to change it for some reason by demanding tobacco firms to pay up potential health insurance claims that a citizen might need when and if they become ill with the such diseases caused by their line of products.

The question I have here is wouldn't it be better that the Kingdom stopped buying the product once and for all. For as long as this is seen in the eyes of firms, as much as it is denounced to buy such products in the Kingdom, this could go as far as being called blackmail.

You judge. - Saudi warning over tobacco firms


Anonymous BusinessT said...

well I don't think its an economic blunder to introduce regulations. Regulations are a healthy thing and developed countries like UK and US are heavily regulated for tobacco and other similar industries. I think the question here is if the regulations will be justly implimented on all companies and one with strong local partnership won't be eased out of it

1:19 PM  

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