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World Trade Point Federation (WTPF)

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) gave birth to WTPF. Using a network of more than 120 trade information and facilitation centres in more than 90 countries WTPF assists small and medium sized enterprizes (SMEs).These facilitation centres are called Trade Points which basically facilitates international trade using the wide spread network across borders through the use of electronic commerce technologies.

Its has regional sections on its website where Middle East exists as 'Arab Countries' with UAE as the only GCC country to be in the list. Dubai has taken a lead and brings the service to local businesses. Its difficult to get to the Dubai Trade Point page from DCCI's website but I have the link here. The registeration fees as stated on this page is 1000Dhs/year which I think is very reasonable for any size of business. Remind you WTPF has the moto of helping small and medium enterprizes thus will surely be a good tool for young entrepreneurs.
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a must use service for specially young start ups

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