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AIESEC- Leadership Development Seminar

The Leadership Development Seminar for AIESEC Dubai was held on the 28th of October. The Dubai chapter of AIESEC has recruited around 20 new members in the club and their first formal welcome to the club with many relationship building exercises between the old and new members, some fun stuff included dance and a journey in understanding the details of the organization especially the Dubai chapter of the AIESEC.

After the introduction the conference jumped to the activity sessions. The first activity was a fun exercise. The participants were divided into three groups. Two were made to practice the two popular AIESEC dance sequence while the third one had to come up with a role call- something innovative to be done in front of the audience, like a dance, mimicking or any thing else creative. All the groups did all three activities and performed in front of the judges.

The second activity which followed it was a journey towards AIESEC Dubai’s history, how it started and after what hardships was it able to achieve the status that it is in today. Next came the task where one group of two to three people had to present an AIESEC's values either in the form of a play or a dance or with a drawing.

One very interesting activity was about bridging cultural gaps between the diverse team of AIESEC-Dubai. Groups of three were made and each had to find a way using chart sheet, markers and pencils to bridge the gap between them and their team mates.

The most important part of the conference was the simulating AIESEC'sfunctionalitiess. AIESEC has two departments, Incoming Exchange and Outgoing Exchange. Incoming Exchange deals with companies and intern who come into the country from other AISEC clubs all around the world while the Outgoing Exchange department handles meetings with student recruitment, university. The new members were in place of the incoming and outgoing exchange representatives and the old members and the interns were in place of students or company managers to test the skills of the new members. The simulation was just a way to help the new members realize how the AIESEC work is done and what problems could be faced. Obviously there will be training sessions before the new members are asked to go into the real world to do the AIESEC work.

Towards the end was the session of positive psychology, three members at the national level of AIESEC UAE presented. It was about recognizing our strengths and how to remain positive even in the worst situations. They spoke about the positive psychology test that each member whether new or old had to take in order to recognize their top strengths and the members were asked to go and speak to other members and discuss the strengths of both in order to get a better understanding between the members.

The long conference of 12 hours was finally ended with an appreciation line by each attendees as to how they find the conference and what change do they feel within themselves and about AIESEC after this one day conference. Even though it was a long conference by the end I felt a big change in me. Never did I build such a good relationship with so many people in like 12 hours and from the first conference itself I have started to feel that AIESEC will bring a big change in me.
by Afiq-Bizzwhizz AUS correspondent


Blogger Afiq Hassan said...

Well...it was definetly a very good experience for me as a new member, and was amazing how much i connected with other members of the club.

AIESEC has many oppurtunities coming up, so all those professionals who would like to make a difference in the lives of students, AIESEC welcomes you to give in your contribution. Contact me (afiq.siddiqui@aiesec.net) if there is anything like that you are interested in....

11:57 PM  

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