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'Leadership Excellence Applied Diploma’ Offered by ALDar Abu Dhabi

Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi’s leading and fully integrated property developer, has announced that it has established a new educational development programme to nurture the leaders and management expertise of tomorrow. The ‘Leadership Excellence Applied Diploma’ or ‘Lead’ programme has been designed to develop strategically sound leaders and world-class managers capable of achieving the vision of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE is poised to grow very fast.

The Lead programme is a joint venture between Aldar, the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Knowledge Horizon. Aldar has developed the diploma in accordance with the institutions so as to meet strategic requirements of the UAE’s dynamic business and social environments.

“The focus will be on potential organizational leaders across all industries in Abu Dhabi and will not be exclusively for Aldar employees. This is because we want to ensure that the emirate is equipped with quality managerial candidates across the board. There is obviously a focus on UAE nationals and we want to ensure the future stability and cumulative growth of the country through this programme,” said Abdalla Zamzam, CCSO, Aldar at the launch press conference.

The programme will be launched with two initial start-up groups of 25 students. The courses will be conducted over a two-year period with the professional qualifications culminated from workshops, focus groups, guest speakers and world-class training. The flexible structure of the study programme will allow for a number of intake dates.

The course will be a combination of day and evening lectures thus allowing all students to remain in employment, gain comprehensive knowledge and progress their career.

“Knowledge Horizon is the international knowledge transfer organisation that promotes excellence in all aspects related to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. We are very proud to be involved in this venture as we are committed to the development of the UAE and this can be achieved through initiatives such as the LEAD programme,” said Dr Ma’en Al Qatamin, president, Knowledge Horizon.

“University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) has, through its development of world-class examinations like the Cambridge IGCSE, become recognized as a leading provider of international assessment. In transferring its professional skills to the quality assurance of programs like Aldar’s Lead, CIE can provide objective, third-party assurances that standards are maintained and that the qualification is fit for purpose. In practice, what that means is that we validate LEAD as a highly effective course for business leaders throughout the UAE, equipping them to succeed in a dynamic and complex commercial environment,” said Ben Gibbs – validation development manager, University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). -TradeArabia News Service


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