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Bahrains New Tenders Laws

Bahrain's His Majesty King Hamad has issued a law amending certain provisions regarding regulation of government tenders and purchases. Under the new law, a contract becomes effective on the date a bid winner is informed of the Tender Board's decision by registered mail. Whenever possible, the contract shall be drafted in accordance with models used by the council.

The contract must be signed by the purchaser and the bid winner within a 30-day limit from the tender's decision. The contract's implementation begins on the date decided by the tender decision message on the part of the purchaser, the contract's conclusion date or any other date defined by the contract.

This must not be in breach of measures and procedures undertaken by the council as per the new law. The new law entitles the tender council to issue decisions on immediate and temporary measures which remain valid until a demand to revoke or reconsider them is made.

These measures can include suspension of the tender decision issuance unless the contract's implementation had already gone into effect.-(Trade Arabia News Service)


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