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Dubailand 16 New Projects Finalized

Dubai Municipality has approved 16 master plans for projects at Dubailand. This was announced by officials at Dubailand, a member of Tatweer.

Dubailand, the world’s most ambitious family entertainment destination, has consistently taken follow up measures to ensure projects are executed and delivered on time.

Dubailand CEO Mohammed Al Habbai said: “Projects of this magnitude add a new dimension to Dubailand and demonstrate the destination’s attractive elements." Although the projects are massive, investors are strictly adhering to international standards and guidelines, set by Dubailand.

“The approval of 16 master plans by Dubai Municipality has taken Dubailand forward and will critically help to bring additional investors to this key entertainment and leisure destination.”

Dubailand projects under development include Dubai Heritage Vision launched in 2006 and Dubai Outlet City- to be launched in Q2 of 2007.

Dubai Sport City, Motor City, Falcon City of Wonders and Al Barrari are other projects that are under construction or in the early stages development.

Polo, City of Arabia and Al Kaheel are other projects that are in the initial stages of execution and infrastructure works are set to commence.

These projects are coming up at the most opportune time in the region. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report predicts attendance at parks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will grow from 131 million visitors in 2004 to 147 million in 2009, a 12 per cent increase.

“Such industry estimates indicate promising potential for the leisure and entertainment sector in the region,” said Al Habbai

The pioneering projects planned at Dubailand will position the region, and especially Dubai as a leading entertainment destination,” said Al Habbai.

The three billion square feet Dubailand will be situated alongside the Emirates Road.

It will include the 'The Restless Planet’, a dinosaur theme park being developed in cooperation with the Natural History Museum in the UK; a Sports City, featuring large state-of-the-art stadiums; the Great Dubai Wheel; the Islamic Culture; The Global Village; Dubai Heritage Vision and Science World; the Mall of Arabia, set to become one of the largest shopping centres in the world, and several other attractions catering to the entire family.

Dubailand, a member of Tatweer, is the world’s most ambitious tourism, leisure and entertainment project, catering to the needs of the entire family.

The unique 3 billion sq ft development has been designed to catalyse the position of Dubai as an international hub of family tourism, appealing to tourist segments across genders, age group, world regions and activity preferences.

Dubailand is projected to attract millions of tourists annually from around the world.

The diverse projects under Dubailand include theme parks, eco-tourism projects, shopping malls, restaurants and residential units that are being developed by UAE, GCC and international investors.

A product of extraordinary vision, Dubailand will be an attractive place to ‘live, work and play’ for the emirate’s growing population, both as a leisure destination and an appropriate setting for business and entertainment development.

Launched in December 2005 Tatweer is one the region’s most promising enterprises and a Member of Dubai Holding. It owns nine market-leading companies and managing an ambitious business development plan.

Its current portfolio is divided into Energy & Healthcare, Tourism & Entertainment, Industry & Knowledge. Its entities are Dubai Healthcare City, the region's hub for world-class quality healthcare services; Mizin, one of the most advanced real estate companies in the region; “The Tiger Woods - Dubai” an exclusive golf community that will include a Tiger Woods designed Golf Course; Dubailand, one of the biggest leisure, entertainment and tourism destinations in the Middle East region; Dubai Industrial City, an industrial township to develop Dubai as a leading manufacturing hub; Bawadi, the world’s leading hospitality and entertainment project bringing 31 hotels and more than 29,000 hotel rooms; Dubai Energy, investing in regional and global energy opportunities and building a diversified investment portfolio; Dubai Mercantile Exchange, the first commodity futures exchange in the Middle East; Global Village, which brings together 160 different countries showcasing myriad cultures; and Moutamarat, the first Arab initiative organizing research-based conferences and exhibitions.

A Member of Dubai Holding, Tatweer and its entities will continue to consolidate a group of life-improving industries.

In addition, it has pioneered the market with joint venture initiatives with leading companies such as the New York Mercantile Exchange or the Saudi Research and Publishing Company.

Tatweer will continuously strive for world-class performance implementing leadership development to drive and sustain business excellence, quality and high performance. TradeArabia News Service


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