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Intilaq - SME support in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Small and Medium Entreprizes are esstential to growth of any economy from within. This was recognized by Dubai. Since 1999 Dubai Department of Economic Development has been issuing Intilaq liscences. These allow UAE nationals to opperate from home and their garages. Targetted at the housewives, elderly and the young entrepreneurs. Therefore it bypasses alll expenses such as office, muncipality fees and other taxes. A fully operational liscence can be obtained for as low as 1000 Dhs.

Details can be found at the Dubai D.E.D. website and by visiting in person. However all materials are in ARABIC as it is a nationals only scheme


Blogger bizzwhizz said...

An update for viewers
Administrative Decision No. (74)of 2001

On Issuing & Renewal of Home Licenses (Intilaq)

Home licenses (Intilaq) may be issued and renewed for more than one year (maximum (4) years).

9:29 PM  
Blogger bizzwhizz said...

No. 117 (2001)

Administrative Decision No. (117) of 2001
Concerning The Private Licenses (Intilaq)

1. Business Registration Division shall have the power to issue "Intilaq" licenses which shall be governed by all current laws and regulations applicable in the Department in respect of licenses unless other administrative decisions conflict with the provisions of this Decision.

2. Intilaq licensses shall be exempted from all licensing fees with the exception of:
2.1 Issuing fees of Dhs. 1000 (One Thousand Dirhams) per annum.
2.2 Renewal fees and fines.
2.3 Training fees.

9:31 PM  

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