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GCC Water Projects need $100b Investments

A recently published report revealed that an estimated $100 billion in investments will be needed over the next decade for water and desalination projects in the GCC.

With only one percent of the world's renewable fresh water resources and five percent of its population, "the provision of adequate water supply is one of the key issues facing governments across the region today," the report said according to Gulf News.

Twenty-four million cubic meters of water per day, or approximately 70 percent of the UAE's daily water supply comes from desalination plants. "The scale of the demand is illustrated by the fact that the UAE consumes more water per capita than any other country with the exception of the US and Canada," explained Sarah Woodbridge, Group Director of Exhibitions at IIR Middle East - organizers of the Middle East Electricity.

The county's water consumption is growing rapidly, having increased from 49 MIGD in 2003 to 54 MIGD in 2004. "Dubai alone has an installed desalination capacity of 188 MIGD (million gallons per day) with a total production of 58.8 MIGD," the report added. Some 40 percent of the total demand in the region comes from its industrial and municipal sectors.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is the world's largest producer of desalinated water with 30 desalination plants pumping nearly 600 million gallons per day, accounting for about one-third of total global production.

In addition, the report pointed out, "The region has one of the world's highest demands for power generation and clean water as the result of rapid population growth rates and economic diversification." via Mena Report

A comprehensive analysis of the water market. Such huge investment would open opportunities for business and entrepreneurs but on the same side would increase dependence on high energy comsuming survival projetcs.

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