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UAE MoL to Issue Temporary Work Permits

All companies in the country can now seek temporary work permits to facilitate the process of recruiting foreign manpower, said Assistant Under-secretary in the Ministry of Labour Obaid Rashid Al Zahmi.

He said the Work Permit Department in the MoL will today begin issuing temporary work permits to companies in different fields to give them an opportunity to place the new workers in a probation period. In the past, such permits were issued only to oil and energy companies.

The three-month temporary permit will cost Dh500. For a three-month extension of the permit, companies would have to pay Dh500 along with a Dh3,000 bank guarantee.

"Temporary permit is not expensive. It is beneficial to all, as the firms can check the qualifications and the performance of the workers they have recruited, and the workers' rights would be protected," added Al Zahmi. via Khaleej Times
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