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Sharjah unveils New Rent Law

"The UAE's Sharjah emirate has enacted a new rent law that prohibits landlords from increasing the rent until three years after signing the lease, and every two years thereafter, reported Gulf News. Under the new rule, increases can be no higher than rents of properties of similar value, and Sharjah's dispute committee is authorised to determine the rent increase if there is disagreement between landlord and tenant. " via ameinfo.com
It is a commendable step but depends how it is understood and implimented. The biggest ambiguity is that of the rent being no higher than rents of similar properties, specially for businesses with some lands being owned by a company, some being rented rented by old tenets and others being given to new ones, fair price determination is difficult. More over landlords would get old tenets evacuated to rent to new ones on higher rate.
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