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Private Equity in Gulf Untapped

The Gulf's private equity market remains underdeveloped, according to a report by Ithmar Capital and Dow Jones. The report, titled 'The Impact of Private Equity on the GCC', says the private equity market in the GCC reached $10bn in 2006, just under a third of the $33.2bn raised across emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Mena region. But the report predicts private equity will grow as a result of rapid economic growth, high liquidity, high fiscal and trade surpluses and interest from internationals looking to hedge investments.
end post (ameinfo.com)


Anonymous Abdullah said...

private equity often becomes bank bone of thriving entrepreneurial economies, lets hope this develops as a disciplined industry in the Middle East

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Mazen said...

Yes this is very true and i think it is a challenge for the young entrepreneurs to make sure they get to the funds before they land up in foreign stock exchanges and banks

3:29 PM  

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