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Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Bahrain

Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Bahrain is stepping up efforts to develop 100 future leaders this year. Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Bahrain resolved to step up their efforts to develop a new generation of leaders, drawing up an action plan to help at least 100 prospect leaders this year.

The decision was made at a meeting, chaired by YAL Bahrain chapter vice chairman Tariq Al Saffar, in which YAL members voted to add two new leadership programmes to its already busy annual calendar of activities.

While details of the two new events are still being finalised, they will both contribute towards achieving the chapter’s goal, that of providing bright students and young professionals in Bahrain with the skills, knowledge and support they need to build successful futures and play their role in the kingdom’s development process.

“Last year YAL helped more than 50 prospect leaders through its various programmes,” said Al Saffar.

“This year we hope to double that to at least 100.

“This is a natural next step for YAL’s activities in Bahrain.

“The more young people we help, the more our contributions will be felt by society at large when they grow into leadership positions in the future,” said Al Saffar.

“The programmes we have conducted so far have all proven to be hugely successful, with feedback from participants being overwhelmingly positive.

“We are currently working on developing new activities that will be of the same high quality,” he added.

The chapter currently organises three successful events each year.

These include an Internship Programme, which allows university students to experience the real life working environment in Bahrain.

This will enhance and compliment their education as well as help them build confidence and experience - the necessary ingredients for starting a career.

The two-week Leadership Trust programme, held in the UK, tests young professionals’ ability to cope under stressful situations such as managing a sail ship, mountain climbing, caving and scuba diving.

The participants are also asked to work in teams to execute various projects under very tight deadlines.

The idea is to teach the participants teamwork spirit, leadership skills and the ability to deal with extreme conditions.

The third activity is the Sophia Antipolis Mentorship Programme, which is held in the south of France.

The two-week programme includes training in leadership development and entrepreneurship skills.

Sophia Antiplis is the largest science park in Europe, housing prestigious international institutions, universities and research centres.

Through the mentorship programme, students are able to interact with professionals, academics and chief executives from these various centers as well as representatives of science and technology related organisations. TradeArabia News Service


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