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UAE Companies to Rasie $4.2b Finances

A report by the Deutsche Bank has revealed that UAE based companies are likely to raise around $4.2bn via the markets this year, according to Emirates Today. It is estimated about $3.1bn of this will come from IPOs and the rest via rights issues. Companies raised $10.1bn in 2005 but generated less than a third of this last year as the markets slumped. (via ameinfo.com)

A trend towards regulated use of markets and sophisticated finance avenues. The previous years crash turned out to be positive as it allowed the infant market to watch and regulate its leaps of growth.
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Blogger Afiq Hassan said...

hey btw...what made market slump last year...i cant really recall right now??

Comparing to 10.1 bn....a figure of 4.2 bn looks pretty small...

12:03 AM  

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